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City of Marysville

What's special about Marysville and the surrounding area is not all that it has to offer geographically, but it's people. Citizens are committed to making their communities friendly, productive, and a great enviroment to raise a family. Whether coming together for the traditional Strawberry Festival, or fund raising for the YMCA, the people make it happen. These values have been woven into the community fabric since its beginning in 1891.

Marysville offers a wide range of housing from comfortable modern houses to executive homes with breathtaking views. A diverse economic base provides residents with many amenities found only in much larger cities. Shopping, dining, and entertaining are all located within a few minutes drive.

With good schools and a progressive city government, Marysville is an excellent choice for your next home and community.


Marysville serves as the gateway to north Snohomish County. The town of Marysville lies in the flat low land delta of the of the Snohomish River bordered by the gentle foothills of the Cascades to the East, and the shores of the Puget Sound to the west. The North leads to an abundant reserve of lakes and rivers.

Located thirty miles North of Seattle, Marysville is an easy commute to big city culture, yet remains distinctly "home town" in feel. The Canadian border is 90 miles north, a short, and scenic ride to international culture. Travel east an hour and a half to find yourself flying down exciting ski runs, or head west and sail over the waters of the Puget Sound.


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